AOL email working slow

As a user of AOL email services, you never want to face the problem of AOL mail so slow. Like any other platform, some issues may be common in AOL also and several users face the problem of slow working of AOL. It can be very irritating when you think why is my AOL email so slow. Now, you don’t need to worry to fix it because you can find out a good solution here.

If you are also thinking why is my AOL email so slow and you want to find a fix, you can follow the basic tips given below to fix this problem.

Use the latest version of the operating system and software:

If you are using your computer and find the problem AOL mail so slow, you should try to fix it with updates. Whether it is the operating system of your computer or the version of software running AOL mail, you should keep both updated and it will probably solve this issue of AOL mail so slow in your system.

Turn off the firewall and antivirus tools:

Several users try to use antivirus tools and firewall to enhance the protection of the system from malware and virus. However, it can affect the speed of the internet connection as well as the running speed of your system. When you think why is my AOL email working slow, it can be due to the firewall or antivirus software. You should try to turn it off to fix the issue.

Check the internet connection:

It is a very basic fix when you want to solve the problem of slow AOL email services. You should definitely check if your internet is working properly. Either you can run the speed test or you can try to open other software and websites to check the speed of the internet connection.The users can also try to reinstall the software on the computer to fix this issue. If you still have the problem and you think why is my AOL email so slow, you can try to restart your computer system and try the software again. All these solutions will work for most of the users and will fix the problem AOL mail so slow properly. If you are still having the issue, you can try to get help online with the customer support service providers. AOL is known to provide good customer support to all users.

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