AOL mail not syncing

With AOL, you can find out the services of free email and they are offering several other features and support for several devices. If you are also a user of AOL email services, you never want to find out any issue in receiving your emails. However, many users face the problem of AOL email not syncing and they want to find out a solution for it. You may need to face the problem AOL email not syncing in your android, iOS or desktop devices.

When you find out the problem AOL email not syncing, you can try to fix it in the following ways:

Fix mail syncing problem in android/iOS:

If you are having the error AOL email not syncing in your android or iOS devices, you can fix it with the steps given below:

Make sure to check the activated internet connection on your device.

The users will need to check AOL mail account settings for proper configuration.

Check-in your device if you have enabled syncing or not. You should keep it enabled on your device.

It is recommended to Keep your application version and OS version updated on your device.

You can try to reinstall the app and re-add AOL mail account to your device.

With these fixes, you can get rid of the problem AOL mail not syncing in your android or iOS devices.

AOL Mail not syncing on desktop:

The users having the problem AOL mail not syncing in desktop, can follow the steps given below to fix it:

First of all, you should check if you have an activated internet connection that is working properly.

After that, you can try to remove AOL email account and add it again in your device.

It is recommended to try any other email client in your device to fix the syncing problem.

If you are using any antivirus or firewall in your desktop, it may block the syncing of your AOL mail so you should try to shut it off.

The users need to Check the server settings in AOL mail app to fix the issue of sync.With these methods, you can try to fix AOL mail not syncing problem in your desktop system. If you are still having this kind of issue, you can contact customer support team online. AOL is known to provide excellent support to all the users and it will be very helpful for you for sure.

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