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AOL email service is very popular all over the world for many good reasons. Users find several important features and easy to use interface with AOL email services. However, there may be some issues like pop-up ads in your browser that you never want to face. You may need to know about the process to stop AOL email pop ups in your system. Now, it will be quite easy for you to stop AOL email pop ups with the information available here.
Most of the online service providers and with pop-up ads but now you can stop AOL email pop ups with the steps given below:
First of all, you will need to open your web browser and go to AOL mail page.
After that, you will login to your account using AOL email ID and password.
After logging into your account, you will find “Options” in the upper right corner and you will click on it.
To stop AOL email pop-ups, you will need to go to “Mail settings” in drop-down menu.
In AOL email settings, you will choose the “General” tab and look for the “Reading” section.
There will be the option of “Always read mail in the new window” that you will clear and will save the settings.
in this way, you will not get AOL mail pop ups when you are receiving any new mail because it will automatically open in a new window and you can skip the pop ups. If you want to avoid seeing AOL mail pop ups while composing the new mail, you can follow the steps given below for it:
First, login to your AOL mail account and go to “Options” with the same steps as given above.
Now, go to “mail settings” and select the option “compose”.
After that, you will select “always write mail in full pane composes” in “default compose mode” option.
With it, you can escape from AOL mail pop ups and you can save the settings after that.
The users also have the option of premium version instead of free AOL mail services where you don’t need to worry about any kind of AOL mail pop ups and ad pop ups in your account. Customer care support services are also available if you need any other information regarding it.

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