How to restore AOL desktop icon
AOL is one of the most popular email services and you may need to use your AOL account several times a day. When you are using AOL email in your computer system, you always want a shortcut or AOL desktop icon. However, you can face the issue of AOL icon missing from the desktop of your system. If you don’t have an AOL desktop icon, you will need to go to the taskbar whenever you want to use AOL mail services. It can be a little inconvenient for you and you will need to restore the missing icon of AOL mail on the desktop.
There may be several causes of AOL icon missing from the desktop of your system. Either you have deleted the icon mistakenly or it is gone due to any kind of corrupted file in the system. You will need to fix it with the solutions given below:
Create a shortcut of AOL icon on the desktop:
If you have installed AOL software on your desktop but still facing the problem of AOL icon missing from the desktop, you can create the shortcut with the steps given below:
First of all, you will go to My Computer and open C: Drive to select the Programs and Files folder.
In the folder, you will find the folder of AOL desktop program.
Open the folder and select AOL desktop icon. Right-click on it and choose the option to create the shortcut.
You can also use the drag-and-drop feature to directly create a shortcut to your desktop.
Reinstall AOL desktop to fix the problem:
Sometimes, you are software may be deleted mistakenly or due to any unexpected error in the system. In this kind of situation, you may be unable to find the icon of AOL software in your system. To fix the problem of AOL icon missing in such a situation, you will need to reinstall the software in your system. You can simply download it from the official website and can install it normally. You will get an option to create a desktop icon during the installation process and you will need to select it.
These fixes will help you to in how to restore AOL desktop icon so that you can use it whenever you want. It is always convenient to directly click on the shortcut or icon of AOL from the desktop of your system when you want to use it.

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