How to fix β€œAol mail not updating on iPhone” issue?

AOL is one of the popular mail apps used by android and iPhone users. There are lots of advanced features and user-friendly interface provided in the AOL mail app for iPhone users. However, there are lots of users who are having the problem of AOL mail not updating on their devices. It is quite common to face the problems like AOL mail not updating and it is very important to find a solution to use all the latest features in your device.

If you are also having the problem of AOL mail not updating, you can find out a solution here. You can try the following methods to fix AOL mail not updating issue in your device:

Keep your iPhone updated:

First of all, you should check the software version of your iPhone. In the outdated devices, the AOL mail app may not be updated due to support issues. Therefore, update your iPhone to the latest version of IOS to get the support of the latest version of the AOL mail app.

Try to reinstall the AOL mail app:

When you want to fix AOL mail not updating on iPhone problem in your device, you can try to re-install it. First, you should uninstall the AOL mail app from your iPhone and then reinstall the latest version from App store. It will solve the issue and you will be able to use the AOL mail app without any kind of problem after that.

Reconfigure the AOL account:

To find the fix for AOL mail not updating on iPhone issue, you will need to reconfigure your AOL mail account. You will need to set up AOL mail as an IMAP account instead of POP account on your iPhone. You can go to settings > add account > AOL mail for it. Then you can reconfigure the account and save it.

With these methods, you can try to resolve AOL mail not updating on iPhone issue on your device. If you are still having the problem of AOL mail not updating on iPhone, you can get support services online. AOL is known to provide excellent customer support services for all users. You can simply contact them using their helpline number or email and they will provide an instant solution for it. There may be several causes of this problem and you will need to find out the solution according to the causes in your iPhone device.

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